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"Building the future, and keeping the past alive - are one and the same thing."

MGSCON is a single day fan event bringing people together to celebrate

their love for the Metal Gear franchise. MGSCON is a not-for-profit event run by fans, and every cent raised will go toward making this the best experience possible.


Selling over 56 million copies and spanning 35 years, the Metal Gear franchise changed the world of gaming. Helmed by one of the most influential game developers of our time - Hideo Kojima, the Metal Gear team broke all the rules with their unique storytelling, cinematic aesthetic, and demolishing of the 4th wall. Each installment is saturated with heavy political themes surrounding nuclear obliteration, yet manages to balance the dark with the light by injecting each game with humor and fun gameplay.


Metal Gear fans are keeping the discussion alive and the content flowing with new art, world records, cosplays, podcasts, and new communities. It's about damn time we get together and celebrate our love for this franchise together in person, and with those who helped bring these characters to life.

MGSCON is a non-profit fan convention ran by volunteers with no affiliation with Konami. All rights reserved.


We are a tiny but mighty team of passionate fans who love to bring people together. We at MGSCON wanted to showcase the passion and love for this series with the amazing community that has been built around it. We tasked ourselves with a seemingly impossible mission but like Solid Snake, we successfully completed that mission and are committed to doing it again.


Impressive Snake! We'll get back to you!

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