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Want to join MGSCON's Cosplay Contest?
Fill out your information to reserve your spot today! ​


Please read before entering:

  • Contestants must have a MGSCON pass to enter.

  • All costumes must adhere to the rules & guidelines.

  • A sign up sheet will be available in-person at registration the day of the event until 3pm however we do ask that if you already plan on joining the contest to sign up online. 

  • Due to time limitations, we will not be accepting more than 30 contestants.

  • All registered contestants must be at the panel theater no later than 4:45 pm. 

  • The Cosplay Contest will begin at 5:00 pm. If you are late you forfeit your spot. 

  • Each Contestant will be brought up individually onto the panel stage to show off their costume.

  • The Cosplay Contest will take place in runway format and contestants will not have access to a microphone (unless interviewed by our host) or have time for individual skits.

  •  We ask our audience to judge for presentation, quality of costume and character performance (acting in character)

  • The audience will vote in way of applause and decided upon by our judges

  • Special prizes go to our top 3 contestants


  • Cosplay is not consent: do not touch or photograph anyone without their permission.

  • Footwear is required at all times.

  • No rollerblades (sorry Fatman

  • All weapons must be checked in/marked at registration for safety: 

    No flammable or explosive materials.
    No projectile weapons of any kind.
    Orange tip toy/resin weapons OK

  • Do not create a hazard: no fighting or swinging props in crowded areas 

  • If you can't wear it through the hotel you can't wear it in MGSCON

  • Be mindful of the length of your attire as to not inhibit walkways.

  • MGSCON staff reserve the right to make the final descision on accepting costumes and props.

Have you read the Cosplay rules & guidelines?

We'll see you July 20th!

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